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We dream of a Swastha & Atmanirbhar Bharat




Our Story


We want to connect back to our roots, culture, and values, that makes us a proud Bharatiya. We want to celebrate the spirit of being a Bharatiya by buying, selling, and being vocal for products & services ‘Made by Bharatiya’.


With this spirit, we launched Bharatiya.co a platform where we offer local products and market them locally & globally. We want to market all the local heroes and make them global heroes. 

Why You Should Buy From Bharatiya?
All our products go through our committed team’s due diligence so that you remain assured of the quality. Products labelled as ‘organic’ are in abundance in the market but their authenticity remains in question. On the other hand, we guarantee you an easy switch to our organic products which are as genuine as they can get, personally checked and handpicked by our team.
Why You Should Sell On Bharatiya?
We provide you with a reliable platform backed by continuous support to make your local brand a global one. We bridge you and the customers who trust and support Bharatiya & its products. With detailed feedback, suggestions, and intelligence from the customers, we will help you make your product better which would perfectly fit the local as well as global market. You will also be able to test your sample product with customers who are willing to volunteer and give feedback before you launch your product in the market.
Why You Should Be Vocal For Bharatiya?
From exporting our excellent quality agro-products to Mangalyaan, time and again we have exceeded our expectations and we have shown the world our immense capabilities to achieve anything we desire. With the best engineering, agro products, and professionals & services, we are committed to making the world more sustainable.

Words We Live By

We want all Bharatiyas to be a part of Bharatiya.co either by buying, selling, or promoting products. We want to build an ecosystem where creativity can thrive, where the coming generations have access to organic food & safe products which are produced in India & marketed to the world. We adore the beauty in our diversity and we believe in the power of a United Bharat. We celebrate the spirit and all things that are Bharatiya. We are governed by the principles to Buy, Sell, and be Vocal for Bharatiya products. We aim to move forward by going back to our core culture with a new mind, new thoughts, and a new perspective.


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Ordered a box of Ratnagiri mangoes and they were delicious. The mangoes were of good quality and the delivery was on time too. Kudos Team Bharatiya.

Manasi Kharat

Great job by providing all the daily essentials. Had ordered some essentials, fruits and vegetables. Both were fresh and of good quality.

Anita Shinde

Thank you so much for prompt delivery and best quality veggies.

Akansha Pawar Jadhav

Very happy with the purchase. Excellent quality of Mangoes.

Tennyle Murzello

I had ordered masks and face shields in bulk. Good quality products.

Vaibhav Biraje